After a long, brutal winter, one of my favorite fashion seasons has arrived. YEAH!!  Here in my hometown of Tampa, Florida, the summer brings sweltering heat, 20 minute thunderstorms and bold, bright summer trends.  Today was a gorgeous day filled with marshmallow shaped clouds floating across our cerulean blue skies, yet the heat index reached 101 F! Wow! Most would definitely say, “There is NO WAY one could be fashionable without being frustrated in such heat”. Well I am here to tell and show you that it is possible.

Check out the new summer arrivals now available at my retail location.  Our model is wearing a light weight canary yellow sleeveless hi lo shirt with a crotchet inset, styled with our canary yellow tote bag and houndstooth printed heels.  If you’re not in the Tampa Bay Area you can still be elegantly stylish with more of our exclusive items by purchasing from my online store at   Be sure to follow me for more summer styles to come!!





There was once a time where only one type of woman would be caught wearing an ankle length dress and that woman would be found either on a prairie or in the maternity section. BUT, a new dawn brings about a new day. We all know that unlike many of the clothes styled for women, the maxi dress is the most comfortable and versatile. You can wear it to hide what you wish you didn’t have or to accentuate what you have little of (side eye). Regardless of what it is, EVERY woman should have a maxi dress somewhere in their wardrobe for the upcoming Fall season and here is why:

1) Maxi’s are easy to add layers over, like a cardigan or a sexy bomber jacket for the chilly Fall mornings.

maxi w- leather jacket

2) With a maxi and a button down shirt; you can’t go wrong.

3) A maxi and a pair of leather booties.

So, just because Fall is around the corner, it doesn’t mean you have to place your maxi’s in the dark corner of your closet. Add some accessories along with the above fashion tips and your stylin’. Below are a few maxi dresses that can be purchased on my site: along with other elegant apparel.

gray turtleneck maxi dress

curvy size blk-whtie maxi dress

red racerback maxi dress

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