After a long, brutal winter, one of my favorite fashion seasons has arrived. YEAH!!  Here in my hometown of Tampa, Florida, the summer brings sweltering heat, 20 minute thunderstorms and bold, bright summer trends.  Today was a gorgeous day filled with marshmallow shaped clouds floating across our cerulean blue skies, yet the heat index reached 101 F! Wow! Most would definitely say, “There is NO WAY one could be fashionable without being frustrated in such heat”. Well I am here to tell and show you that it is possible.

Check out the new summer arrivals now available at my retail location.  Our model is wearing a light weight canary yellow sleeveless hi lo shirt with a crotchet inset, styled with our canary yellow tote bag and houndstooth printed heels.  If you’re not in the Tampa Bay Area you can still be elegantly stylish with more of our exclusive items by purchasing from my online store at   Be sure to follow me for more summer styles to come!!




Stretch Marks and Bikini’s…

 Beach wear season is near! Which means the time to pull out the swimsuits has arrived. For Florida natives such as myself, weekend beach getaways are the norm. But if you’re a mother like me or had unexpected weight gain/loss, you may have visible stretch marks (like me again) that have left you thinking twice about rocking a bikini. Well, I am hear to kindly tell you…NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR STRETCH MARKS!

However, if you are still self conscious about your body image, I have hand selected one piece swimsuits that are not only unique in style, but also cover the stretch marks that you swear are scaring the little children on the beach building their sand castle. Click below to purchase and you will be Sports Illustrated ready. Don’t forget to post a picture of you in our swimwear. We’d love to see you!  Happy Shopping!!

 multi tie front
multi tie side





Multi – Tie One Piece 

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one shouldered ruffle frnt

one shouldered ruffle back





One Shouldered Ruffle One Piece

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As the world consumes itself with beauty, women are raiding the beauty aisles for that hidden “miracle pill” in a bottle. We all want to maintain our youthful looks (tight skin, full cheeks and a head full of hair) for as long as possible. But, what do we really know about these numerous beauty products that barrage our magazines and television commercials.  The new hot fad on the market is Biotin.  Most of us already know that Biotin is advertised as a pill that will obtain AND maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.  But what is it REALLY for?

As a nurse, yes I am a licensed nurse as well; Biotin is a REALLY a vitamin that helps with the body’s metabolism and processes energy. It can be found in almost all foods that we each which means that we are probably already getting the General Recommended Daily Value of 2.5 mg (milligrams) which is equal to 2500 mcg (micrograms). So, to hear that there is Biotin supplemental vitamin is concerning. With that being said, my curiosity began to take over and I decided to go to my local grocery store just to see how much Biotin are in these pills. Shockingly, I saw nearly 5000mcg per serving which is TWICE the recommended amount. This doesn’t even include the fact that you may also be taking an additional multivitamin tablet that also has Biotin.  In other words, if you are suffering from a headache and a bottle of pain reliever instructs one to take 2 pills every 6 hours, you are taking 4 pills every 6 hours!!  So, the question is: Can you overdose on Biotin? My reply as a medical professional is, YES! You can overdose on ANY vitamin and too much of anything is a bad thing.

Huffington Post has reported that although chances of a Biotin overdose is low, it more likely possible due to the increase of women taking a biotin supplement and serious side effects have been reported as a result.  Symptoms include slower release of insulin, skin rashes, lower vitamin c and b6,  a higher blood sugar and one reported case of Eosinophilic Pleural Effusion which is a life threatening condition that occurs when blood and air enter the cavity around the lungs.Biotin

In conclusion, ladies, please do your own research on what works for your personal health versus what others are taking and what you see on television.

Stay Confident!!


Sky Unikue’s Fashion Therapy

Plus Size Women In High Fashion


The average runway model is 5″9 – 5″11, 108-130lbs with a waist no larger than 25″ and 35 1/2 hips. Plus Size Model magazine revealed that some of today’s plus size models are the same size as former Super Models Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford. In today’s fashion industry, a plus size model is a size 6 or larger BUT the average American woman is a size 14. So, why are there so many size zero’s on the the runway?

Does this mean that there will be more of a demand for models who look like the “average” woman OR will there be more of a demand for the average woman to look like a model?! Although each modeling agency has different size and height requirements, will there ever come a time where we will see a size 10 grace the runway of a couture fashion show?

We all know that women want to be sexy and chic no matter what size they are. As a self-made fashionista, I believe that  sexy comes in ALL sizes!! Post your comments on this hot topic and tell me what your thoughts are?

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No White After Labor Day?…A Thing of the Past!

Guess what is on the Fall 2013 color palate? WINTER WHITE!! So, I will assume the 100 year old, “NEVER, where white after Labor Day” rule that our ancestors passionately followed has been debunked!! We all ask, “How on Earth did this atrocious fashion rule get started?” Well, after doing a little research, it appears this rule was started in the early 1900s by Northeners who found it insane to wear this bright color during the rainy and muddy months of Fall and Winter. However, late fashion legend Coco Chanel consistently fed this rule to the birds by sporting her crisp white business suits YEAR ROUND!!

coco chanel

So, by my myself and other fashionistas around the world, you have been granted permission to not only wear white but winter white, Sangria, Aurora Red and every other bright color on the Fall 2014 color palate. Visit my site at to view other rule breaking apparel.

kerry washington in white

Happy Shopping!!