Sky Unikue’s Elegant Clothing Boutique  was founded by Fashion Designer Sky White.

Since the age of 6 and playing w/ paper dolls, Sky has always had an intense passion for clothes.  Although her dream has always been to pursue fashion directly out of high school and the importance of education instilled by her parents, Sky knew that obtaining an education in a field to financially support her fashion dream was step number one. So, she enrolled in Nursing School first.

After graduating from Nursing School, Sky then decided to educate herself in the fashion world by taking classes in Fashion Designing and reading books on Fashion Merchandising. After 8 years of preparation, sacrifices and countless bumps along the way, Sky Unikue’s Elegant Clothing Boutique has now become a reality.

Sky Unikue’s Elegant Clothing Boutique caters to all fashionista’s who crave the look of elegance…7 days a week. From professional career wear to a sexy cocktail dress to dinner or a just a simple and chic look for a stroll through the mall; our selection of apparel will appeal to all styles. Visit us at: http://www.skyunikues.com


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