3D Printing in Fashion

The Fashion Foot

Iris van Herpen - 3D fashion

Fashion has a long history of being crafted by a person and a sewing machine. There is a certain belief that when something is made directly by the designer, then it has a higher quality and therefore a better value. However, American “fast fashion” is hardly ever actually produced by designer hands and, more often than not, produced in sweat shops. But what if we eliminate the step between the designer and the consumer or totally get rid of the “designer” completely?

The fashion industry has slowly been incorporating 3D printing since the technology began, but the majority of the 3D printing was used to create accessories or decorative pieces. As the technology improves, designers are able to make complete garments and even artificial fabrics that look and feel like the average cotton-blend fabric. Recently, there was even a whole fashion show dedicated to pieces made by 3D printers.



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