The Evolution of the Duster

When I think of a duster, the first thing that comes to mind is the loose fitted, light weight, long sleeve garment that women wear over their clothes. For those who are not too keen on fashion, they think of the household cleaning tool. That’s not what I’m talking about!

Did you know the origin of the duster dates back to the 1800’s? At that time, it was a full length coat (which we now know as the trench) worn by horsemen. The purpose of the earlier duster was to prevent trail dust from ruining the garments or the horsemen, hence the name (see below).

tombstone movie - duster

My, have things changed. Today, you can find the newly designed duster in nearly any womens’ apparel shop. They are light weight, comfortable and perfect for the cool fall mornings. They can be worn business casual or with a weekend casual look in jeans. Isn’t it wonderful when we fashionista’s make something old new again?!  Oh! Don’t forget to ALWAYS accent your duster with a solid piece of statement jewelry. Check out our accessorized piece below.

You can purchase these beautiful deep blue and crystal earrings here and the matching necklace here

This black duster can be purchased online at: or click here

Black Duster Available at: Jewelry Available at:


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